Resistant, long-lasting self-tapping inserts

Our Screw-Sert self-tapping inserts are metal inserts to be used whenever you need high pull-out resistance and long-lasting threading in materials with low levels of mechanical resistance. Simply insert them into an untapped hole using a “snap-break” installation tool that removes the threaded mandrel from the insert once it is installed. Our Screw-Sert inserts can also be installed in materials with low mechanical strength, such as copper alloys, other light alloys, soft forms of cast iron, or plastics. The resulting threading created by this quick, economical fastening solution can be used without limitation, and the bond between the material and the insert is unbreakable and resistant to vibration. The threading is resistant to wear and friction and has a high degree of intrinsic mechanical resistance (so it can be used with small-diameter screws). A range of types and materials in diameters from M3 to M16 are included in our catalog.

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