Button Head A2 6-Lobe Pin Sleeve Anchor

Expanding fixings giving fast and easy application for heavy duty security.

Security Anchors save time and money when fixing applications that require a firm hold. They are suitable for fixing to a wide range of base materials such as brick, concrete, stone and masonry. Available in both permanent and removable options… for a hold that stays.

(Please note these anchors are not intended for heavy duty structural applications).

SizeLengthMaterialDriver SizeRefSmall Box Qty
M645mmA2 Stainless SteelT30RTBSA064550
M855mmA2 Stainless SteelT40RTBSA085550
M875mmA2 Stainless SteelT40RTBSA087550
M1065mmA2 Stainless SteelT45RTBSA106550
M1080mmA2 Stainless SteelT45RTBSA108050