Button Head A4-70 Stainless Steel 5-Lobe Pin Self Tapper

The 5-Lobe Pin security drive offers an improved tamper resistance compared to the more commonly available 6-Lobe Pin drive; as the tooling is more specialised and as a result harder for members of the general public to get hold of.

  • Stocked in A4-70 Stainless Steel
  • Stocked in Button Head and Countersunk Head. Self Tapper and Machine Screws
GaugeLengthMaterialDriver SizeRefSmall Box Qty
No.6 (3.5mm)1/2" (13mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF-10BFLPBS06D-A4100
No.6 (3.5mm)3/4" (19mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF10-BFLPBS06F-A4100
No.6 (3.5mm)1" (25mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF10-BFLPBS06G-A4100
No.8 (4.2mm)3/4" (19mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF15-BFLPBS08F-A4100
No.8 (4.2mm)1" (25mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF15-BFLPBS08G-A4100
No.8 (4.2mm)1-1/2" (38mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF15-BFLPBS08I-A4100
No.8 (4.2mm)2" (50mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF15-BFLPBS08J-A4100
No.10 (4.8mm)3/4" (19mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF25-BFLPBS10F-A4100
No.10 (4.8mm)1" (25mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF25-BFLPBS10G-A4100
No.10 (4.8mm)1-1/2" (38mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF25-BFLPBS10I-A4100
No.10 (4.8mm)2" (50mm)A4-70 Stainless SteelF25-BFLPBS10J-A4100