Countersunk A2 Stainless Steel 2-Hole Machine Screw

Popular aesthetically pleasing drive for any two-way application.

This drive system, sometimes known as Snake Eye® or Pig Nose is designed for low to medium torque applications. It has 2 holes drilled into the head which requires a unique 2-pin matching driver to install and remove it.

Full range of Self Tapping and Metric Machine Screws stocked in A2 Stainless Steel
Other styles of fasteners available in the 2-Hole drive system: Barrel Nuts, Male & Female Bolts, Grub Screws, Glass Screws, Large Disc Head Screws

SizeLengthMaterialDriver SizeRefSmall Box Qty
M36mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0306100
M38mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0308100
M310mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0310100
M312mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0312100
M316mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0316100
M320mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0320100
M325mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0325100
M330mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0330100
M335mmA2 Stainless SteelTH3THCM0335100
M410mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0410100
M412mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0412100
M416mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0416100
M420mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0420100
M425mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0425100
M430mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0430100
M435mmA2 Stainless SteelTH5THCM0435100
M512mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0512100
M516mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0516100
M520mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0520100
M525mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0525100
M530mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0530100
M535mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0535100
M540mmA2 Stainless SteelTH6THCM0540100
M612mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0612100
M616mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0616100
M620mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0620100
M625mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0625100
M630mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0630100
M640mmA2 Stainless SteelTH8THCM0640100