Kinmar® Removable Driver Socket

Sold in singles.

Kinmar® Removable Patented Security Fastener Tooling Policy
RE: Internet Sales, Online Transactions and any other Sales & Marketing Display Material.
Kinmar® Removable Driver Sockets cannot and must not be displayed for sale in any way online in any form of web page or shop nor within any other form of marketing material.

This includes displaying images of the Kinmar® Removable Driver Sockets, pricing and any facility to purchase whether directly or indirectly.

These driver sockets are only available to account customers who can prove that any application is genuine and will not conflict in any way with bona fide users of this security product.
Any distributor who decides to promote any Kinmar® Removable Fastener or Fixing can stipulate alongside in writing regarding ‘The restricted availability of any Kinmar® Removable Driver Socket to enhance the level of security’ within any of its marketing material that displays details of the Kinmar® Removable fastener or fixing product.

This policy applies to all Kinmar® Removable Driver Sockets including the following standard sizes:

  • KM06R or KM6R
  • KM08R or KM8R
  • KM10R
  • KM12R
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