At PSM CELADA Fasteners, we recommend using standard parts whenever possible. We can also provide special parts with specific measurements or with other specific performance characteristics.

PSM CELADA Fasteners can provide all forms of technical support in terms of design, product samples, technical drawings, and testing through our collaboration with PSM International’s Technology Center in the UK.

At PSM, we use CNC machines to produce samples when the product design does not require any modifications. The characteristics of a CNC machine combined with an automated bar feeder enables us to produce larger sample sizes. The flexibility of this type of machine also allows us to replicate all the parts with a manual lathe. The machine shown is located at the UK Tech Center.

PSM is also equipped with precision manual lathes. These are particularly helpful we need special parts very quickly or when performance testing is required.

At PSM, we use a great many types of machinery in production. These machines are also used to produce prototypes when quantities required are high or when PPAP or other quality standards must be met.

PSM CELADA Fasteners can provide technical drawings on request.

PSM Tech Centers are equipped with a wide range of tools that can be used to verify the performance levels you require.

The most common include:

  • Push-out
  • Pull-through
  • Body torque
  • Maximum torque
  • Jack-out torque
  • Installation torque
  • Release torque
  • Tightening torque

We support our customers with a team that has the technical skills needed to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Junio Celada