Access Hardware Solutions

The idea of quick access is an increasingly common paradigm in our modern way of life, even in the simplest of day-to-day tasks. Quick and easy access to all that we want to do gives us a feeling of satisfaction as well as gives us the time we need to do even the simplest of things in the best way possible. SOUTHCO latches help meet this subconscious need we seek to rationalize each and every day, from a simple latch for a closet door or the glove box of our car to the games our children play and the multimedia devices in our homes, and even the comfort we feel in our various modes of transport. Wherever we go, a well-designed latch makes our lives easier and reduces the cost of access over time, both in our personal lives and in industrial applications where cost analyses needs to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of processes and the technical reliability of the components being used.

Captive screws

  • Stays securely attached, eliminating hardware loss, and protects sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Tool action, thread and installation options to suit all applications.
  • Spring action and and self-aligning float facilitate installation.

Multipoint latch systems

  • Provides single-action, multipoint latching for large door applications.
  • Optimizes latch security and eliminates leverage points, bending, and door vibrations.
  • Wide range of styles and actuators for interior and exterior doors.

Rotary latch systems

  • Push-action concealed latching at one or more points of the application.
  • Remote actuation allows for independent placement of latch and actuator.
  • High strength and reliable performance in challenging applications.

Entry-door latches and locks

  • Door hardware designed even for challenging watercraft settings.
  • Suited for cabins and other entry doors and deck applications.
  • Unites design, style and performance.

Handles and knobs

  • Provide comfortable touch points for opening, closing and lifting.
  • Surface mount, flush and folding models to suit any application.

Quick-Access Fasteners

  • Provides quick access for hinged or removable panels.
  • Mounts in through or blind holes.
  • Positions sliding panels.

Inject/Eject Mechanisms

  • Insertion, extraction and locking of electronic modules.
  • Adheres to industry standards for robustness and hot swap capability.
  • Wide range of designs to match popular connector pin densities.

DZUS® Quarter-turn Fasteners

  • Quickly secures and releases with a 90-degree turn.
  • Stays captive to the panel, providing ease of use and preventing lost hardware.
  • Provides a strong, consistent clamping force with repeated operation.

Draw latches

  • Draw two panels together and hold them securely.
  • Eliminate rattle and resolve panel misalignment.
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes to adapt to strength needs.

Push-to-close latches

  • Intuitive push-to-close latch keeps doors closed securely.
  • The wide range of actuation options ensures easy user access.
  • Easy installation in a single hole.

Compression latches

  • Apply pressure to door gaskets and sealants in one simple movement, meet NEMA/IP standards.
  • Secure closure eliminates noise and vibration.
  • Multiple handle and actuator options, including with key to meet your security needs.


  • Doors open and close with ease.
  • Positioning options to block doors in any position.
  • Options for quick door removal and concealed hinges for better industrial design.

Cam locks and swinghandles

  • Allow for thinner doors and more compact structures.
  • High torque-out and pull-out resistance.
  • Quick installation by heat stoking or ultrasonic welding.
  • Wide range of lengths available.
  • Self-aligning – easy installation.

Monitor mounts

  • Ergonomc monitor positioning.
  • Integrated positioning technology that ensures accurate control.
  • Performance without maintenance or adjustments for the entire duration of most applications.

Electronic access and locking solutions

  • Smart access and locking.
  • Remote access control and monitoring.
  • Simplified key management.

LIFT-A-SYST® Counterbalance Systems

  • Easily lift and position heavy objects with minimal effort.
  • Highly repeatable without maintenance for up to 100,000 cycles.
  • Uniform performance in a wide range of temperatures.

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